Divorce in Western Australia

To file for a divorce in Western Australia, you have to file it at the West Australian Family Court. The family courts of Western Australia also have a divorce kit that includes all forms and applications for divorce. Copies of the documents that were served to your spouse known as service must be provided for one application, i.e. applications you have on your own. You can only apply if you have spent 12 months or more separated from your spouse. Calculate the days of your separation by calculating a year of your spouse’s separation using either a calendar to check the date of separation and then select the day after that before filing a quick cheap divorce application or another way that is convenient to you.

Separation occurs when the husband and wife no longer live together, and the marriage irreparably collapsed.

The costs for easy divorce vary, but bear in mind that a fee to filing whether the application is submitted via an attorney or online would be charged to your family court at the moment of filing the application. Some categories of individuals are eligible for reduced filing fees, like those in financial crisis or receiving public benefits. If you are entitled to a reduced filing fee, you can see the Website of the Western Australia Family Court for legal advice and legal fee information.

If your wife does not object to the application and if you did not have children under 18 or if you choose an option that exempts you from appearing in court during the hearing of your application, then you don’t have to stand before court during the hearing of your application. You do not have to do so to go through with a divorce in Western Australia. However, when you have children under the age of 18 years, during your application, and when it is a request by both spouses, that is a joint application. You have to appear at court in cases where the court is not satisfied with the arrangements made for child welfare, and both parties will have to be brought before the courts by the Court.

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