How much does it cost?

For single and joint applicants, preparing your documents is $119.00. there are a number of low cost divorce procedures.


What does the fees contain?

Includes your completed application form, checklist and the step-by-step instructions for lodging a request at the court. All divorce documents must be submitted in order as requested by the court.


Do other hidden charges exist?

No other fees except $119.00. There is a charge of $910 from the court when submitting your application form. If you hold some means of testing concession cards, you may be eligible to reduce the exemption from the filing fee. Please note that both of you require concession cards for the reduced court fee if you are joint applicants. The fee is reduced to $305, which counts fro a low cost divorce. Have all divorce documents in place.


Separation time required to file for a divorce?

The law suggests that the spouses filing for divorce to be separated for 12 months or more


What if I was born abroad?

You are eligible to proceed with the application if either you or your spouse are an Australian citizen or resident or have lived here for 12 month before submitting your divorce documents. Your Australian citizenship documents must be supplied with a certified copy.


Where do I file my application?

Any court closest to you. We will send you comprehensive instructions on the filing process.


How long will it take you to prepare my application?

We aim at taking no longer than 3 days to present you with your completed documents.


How does Audivorce.com.au work?

Audivorce.com.au provides our clients with the tools and the resources enabling them to file a quick and easy online divorce. Our 3-step process is simple to use and easy to understand.


Can we use Audivorce.com.au if we have children?

Yes. Audivorce.com.au provides the documents necessary to address all child related issues.


Can I complete my own divorce?

Yes, you can. However, it is recommended to have a lawyer either prepare or look over the divorce documents before filing and paying the court fee of $910. This is due to the fact that some legal terminology may be misunderstood or misinterpreted.


Is technical support available?

Yes. If you have any difficulty with the use of the site, other than legal questions, support is available quickly via email (info@audivorce.com.au).


Does the cost of using Audivorce.com.au cover court filing fees?

No. Court filing fees, $910 is in addition to the cost of using our service. If you are low on income you may be eligible for a reduction of exemption of the filing fee in case you hold certain tested concession cards. Note that if you are joint applicants you will both require concession cards to obtain the reduced court fee. The reduced fee is $305.


When can I file for a divorce?

Irreconcilable differences are the only ground for legally dissolving a marriage or civil union. This means that your relationship has broken down and is at an end. Neither of you is blamed for this. The only way of proving that your relationship has broken down irreconcilably is by living apart for 12 months. Only then can the court dissolve your marriage or civil union. You cannot shorten the 12 months period, even if you both agree to the dissolution.