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Terms & Conditions for the use of AuDivorce Website

Please go through the terms and conditions below and if you do not agree with them, we solicit that you desist from using this website service. Your entry to the service shows your acknowledgement that you have read through and accepted these Terms and Conditions without any objection.

About the  AuDivorce website

AuDivorce.com.au is an online divorce provider website and the information given in the website as well as related material is not by any means a substitution for legal advice. You need to understand this before associating with us.

The information offered shouldn’t be relied on as legal advice or as a sole means of data about the divorce process as we don’t provide legal advice in any capacity. 

Prior to using this website, make certain that your jurisdiction permits the usage of this website and the services it offers. We do not take any obligation for any advice given to you by your legal counsel. We do not take any liability thereafter.

We would like to inform you that we do not provide a complete divorce here, it is just a process for you to get started. You would still have to go through the court procedure. Where specified that this is to get an easy divorce online, it is a process to arrange your divorce kit and make it ready to submit in the court. 

Personal Information

To meet the requirements of our service, you must provide genuine, true and comprehensive information about yourself in order to correctly document the questions in line with the qualification for your divorce. If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate or incomplete, we accept no liability or obligation for any indiscretion provided by the client when completing the relevant questions for the support to the application of your divorce.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that this service is right for their purpose and that they comply with all the necessary procedures to obtain a divorce in Australia.

Payment Policy

The following processing payments shall be attached to your application. To order and pay for a service, strictly adhere to the instructions provided by the website.

The name that will appear on your statement will be ‘Online Divorce’.

Information about charges of the services provided and the content of the services is stated on the website services page. Payments are processed through the secure PayPal and Stripe Payment system. No credit card information is stored by us.


This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the law of Australia and each party agrees to submit to the superior jurisdiction of the courts in Australia.

AuDivorce.com.au solely operates by the law under the jurisdiction of Australia and will be heard in Australia Jurisdiction. The decision concerning the terms and conditions of this website, likewise any disagreement is governed by the law of Australia. There would be no effect given to the principles of any conflicts of law.

Application and Delivery Schedule

We will provide the application and other required materials for divorce for approval from the client within 48 hours after payment has cleared; which is subject to the clients responding to any follow up queries within three hours of queries being sent.

The final application will only be sent once it is approved by the client. It is consequently crucial that the questionnaires are completed correctly with proper email and postal address otherwise there may be a delay in the documentation process that may end up in deviation from the duration of delivery stated.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

The website, the customer services and all of the related products of AuDivorce.com.au are subject to copyright. The material on the website is protected by copyright under the laws of Australia and through International treaties. 

Unless otherwise indicated, all rights (including copyright) in the site content and compilation of the website are owned or controlled for these purposes and are reserved by AuDivorce.com.au or its contributors.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

It is solely your responsibility to ensure that the Application for Divorce is suitable for your purpose. We don’t provide any refund for failure to assure suitability. If the consumer decides not to use our service any longer, a notice of cancellation must be provided by the consumer within 24 hours of submission, which attracts a $50 administration fee. Please note, a full refund is only provided where the application has not been worked on.

In accordance with our Cancellation policy, you may cancel your subscription any time on the website. To cancel, you must comply with the directives as stated on AuDivorce.com.au.

The price of the service is the charges valid at the date and time of your order. Application and other materials will only be provided once payment is received. We do not provide any refund for failure to ensure suitability or any other reason.


We take all reasonable measures to protect client information. We will not in any way disclose the client’s information to a third party unless stated by the law otherwise. All personal information is stored securely and will not be used for any other purpose.

Entire Agreement

This agreement contains the complete compliance between you and us relating to the subject matter therein and it overrules any other oral or written communication relating to it.

You must read carefully the most current information of this agreement before using the website with the intention that you agree to our terms and conditions. By agreeing to it, you give us permission to create an account on your behalf in order to complete your online filing. It is then your responsibility for the application after making payment of the filing fee. It is up to you to ensure you log in to the account regularly for updates from the court.

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